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2014 Reassessment Process Has Begun

Press release date: Wed Apr 16th, 2014

The City of Holland Assessing Office has begun the annual assessment process. As a guideline, the State Tax Commission (STC) recommends that assessor’s inspect 20% of properties located in their local unit annually.

Inspection is defined as a physical measuring and listing of all properties elements, including but not limited to class of construction, square footage, and listing improvements (garages, decks, porches, etc.).

While an interior inspection of a property is desired, it is not mandated by the Commission. With approval from the property owner, it is appropriate for assessors to ask question regarding the interior of their property to ensure accurate assessments.

Accurate assessments, including accurate record cards, are always to the benefit of the property owner. Assessors are frequently asked to provide record card information to assist in a property owner obtaining a mortgage or to assist in public safety issues.

Appraisers performing the assessment process will be easily identifiable, wearing city identification, carrying a clip board and digital camera, and driving a city vehicle.

The assessor’s office performed a study comparing each of the neighborhoods current property values against indicated values based on recent sales within that neighborhood. Those areas that resulted in the largest deviation were then chosen for the reassessment process.

Results of Sales Study: View Below

Those areas chosen include:

  • N01: Holland Heights
    • View Map Below
  • E01: 8th to 17th and River to Ottawa
    • View Map Below
  • C01: Plasman to Ottawa and 17th to 26th
    • View Map Below

If you are located in one these three areas you should have received a post card, if you do not wish to fully participate in the assessment process or do not wish to participate at all, simply call or e-mail one of the appraisers performing the assessment:

  • N01 – Devin Goulooze
  • E01– Joseph Arevalo
  • C01 – Arline Broome

There WILL NOT be a penalty for deciding against participating in the assessment process, however, every parcel located within each designated area must still be reviewed. We will thus use our best judgment to accurately and fairly complete the review of the property from the street.

As always, feel free to contact the assessing office with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.