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BS&A allows users to search for property and tax information for properties located in the City of Holland.

  • PRE’s or Principal Residence exemptions are not final until after approximately June 1, 2016.
  • PRE’s may be changed or denied after that date for good cause through the denial process.
  • Regarding zero amount 2015 winter tax bills.  All parcels in the Holland School District portion of the City of Holland with projected winter tax bills under $100, were included on the 2015 Summer Property Tax Bill.  In most cases no Winter tax bills are due on those Holland School District parcels, unless special assessments or other parcel fees are applicable.
    • Winter Tax Millages -
      Allegan County Parcels : ALL CO - Road Impr and ALL CO - Senior Sv

      Ottawa County Parcels: OTT CO - E911, OTT CO - Parks and OTT CO - Road

Online Property Assessment and Tax Records

To access the online property system, first read the following information:

Comments and Disclaimers

While every reasonable attempt has been made to ensure that the data provided accurately reflects the property's characteristics, the City of Holland makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of this data. The City of Holland does not assume any liability associated with the use or misuse of this data.

If you believe any property assessment data, as provided, is not accurate, please contact the City of Holland Assessing Office.

If you have any comments regarding this site, we would very much like to hear from you. Comments or questions may be submitted in person at City of Holland Finance Office, by phone at (616) 355-1370, or by e-mail to

What Information is Available?

This site provides detailed information regarding individual property parcels for real estate property, to include various property features and characteristics, property assessments and taxable valuations, property tax and special assessment information of current and recent years. The desired information can be queried by Property Owner Name, Property Address, or Property Parcel Number.

You can view a map of the City showing the locations of parcels and property boundaries within the City limits.

Taxes and Special Assessments

Property tax information is presented for individual property parcels, reflecting both summary and detail data. At least five years of actual property tax history for a given parcel is also provided.

Special Assessment data is likewise presented concerning individual property parcels, reflecting both current and historic information. Special Assessments for road improvements, sidewalk improvements, special district lighting improvements, and certain types of infrastructure are reflected for the original and current amounts owing.

Due to the complexity of Special Assessments, and possible additional related fees that may be owing, it is imperative to contact the City Treasurer’s Office (616) 355-1380 for a calculation of total Special Assessment and hookup fees if an amount is displayed of $1.00 or higher. If the Special Assessment is for water or wastewater (sewer) installation improvements, the City Treasurer’s Office will refer you to the correct Board of Public Works specialist.

Basic assessment and tax information of taxable properties that are located within the City of Holland is available to everyone. If you have read and agree to the above comments and disclaimers click “I Agree” below.

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