Mayor Dykstra's Statement on Proposals to Repeal Personal Property Tax in Michigan Without Offering Meaningful Replacement Plans

Press release date: Wed Dec 5th, 2012
City of Holland Michigan Official Website

Mayor Kurt Dykstra was slated to testify today at the Michigan House of Representatives Tax Policy Committee meeting in Lansing.  The Committee closed the hearing prior to permitting Mayor Dykstra from testifying.  Below is a copy of the statement that would have been delivered.  Mayor Dykstra has hand delivered a hard copy of this statement to the legislators who represent the Holland area.

The Mayor believes that taxing personal property tax, on balance, is unfortunate policy.  However, this form of taxation has been in Michigan law since the late 19th century and the proposals to repeal it do not adequately address the gaping hole that its repeal-without-replacement will create.  In the current fiscal year, for example, personal property taxes equal about $2.5 million -- or nearly 13% of the city's general fund budget.  The city's budget already has been substantially reduced and is spending at 2004 levels, in terms of real dollars.  

Interested residents are encouraged to contact their state representative or state senator.