Pay It Forward Holland

City of Holland Michigan Official Website

On Monday, January 17, 2011, the City of Holland kicked-off a “Pay It Forward” Campaign.  The campaign was inspired by the 2010 Gallup-Healthwise Well-Being Index, which rated Holland, Michigan the #2 "Happiest & Healthiest Place to Live in America." Following this designation, and the resulting nationwide media coverage, the City of Holland was given a donation by Ramona L. Scott of Brooklyn, New York with the intention of doing some good for someone and thereby encourage them to do good for someone else, with or without money.

This large-scale, community-wide event is intended to promote, inspire and discover what is possible when we think outside ourselves. The city's goal is to build a stronger, more vibrant community one person, one act of charity at a time.

Find out more information -- and find out how to participate -- at