Special City Council Meeting

Meeting: Special City Council Meeting
Date/Time: Wed, Oct 2nd 5:30pm
Location: City Hall, Training Room, 2nd Floor

October 1, 2013

Mayor Dykstra and Members of Holland City Council:

Upon written request of the City Manager and in accordance with Section 4.7 (b) of the City Charter, a special Council meeting of the Holland City Council will be held on Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 5:30 PM, in the Training Center, 2nd Floor at City Hall to consider the following item and any matters relating thereto:

5:30 PM    Special City Council Meeting

5:35 PM    Public Comments

5:40 PM*   Motion to enter Closed Door Session to Review Legal Opinions - Motion to adjourn Closed Door Meeting

5:55 PM*   Motion to Close Special Meeting

5:55 PM*   Pre-Council Meeting (Council Review of Agenda Items, No Action Taken)

7:00 PM    Council Meeting

*  Approximate Times

Anna Perales, Deputy City Clerk