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To: Mayor DeBoer and Members of Holland City Council

Re: City Manager's Weekly Report for May 13, 2016


Courtesy Reminder: A Special Study Session is called for Tuesday, May 24th at 5:30 PM to consider the Civic Center Renovation options.  Key financial staff will be presented by the City Manager and Finance Director, yet the vast bulk of the time will be allocated for Council deliberations.  Our Design Team experts will be available to field questions.

Save the Date of Thursday, May 19th for a Holland Energy Park Public Education/Exhibit Meeting at 6 PM:  The Holland Board of Public Works reports that Design Minds is ready to present their next iteration. 


Save the Date of Thursday, June 16th for a Comprehensive Holland Energy Park Tour:  The HBPW Board is touring the site on Thursday, June 19th at 6 PM.  All City Council and Leadership Team are invited to attend. 


Save the Date for a Memorial Day Weekend Thank You:  Calvary Baptist Church invites government officials from the federal to the local level to this annual event (Sunday, May 29th at 10 AM). Their purpose is to honor them and pray for us as public officials.  Contact Bernadette Walker at Calvary Baptist Church at

(616) 396-2724 Ext. 104 | if you are attending.


US-31 Project Starts in Earnest on Sunday and Update from MDOT:  Leo Evans reports:


Beginning on Sunday, May 15th at 5PM a left lane closure will be set into place on northbound US-31 from near 8th Street north to near Ransom Street.  During this time crews will work to install the remainder of the signs and pavement markings needed along the northbound US-31 roadway to implement crossing southbound US-31 traffic over onto the northbound roadway.  After all the signs and pavement markings are in place northbound will be reopened to 2 lanes. 


If all goes well by Monday morning we will be maintaining both southbound and northbound US-31 traffic on the northbound roadway and work will be underway to start the reconstruction of southbound US-31 from Quincy Street south to 8th Street.  2 lanes of southbound traffic and 2 lanes of northbound traffic will be maintained from Ransom Street south to Lakewood Boulevard.  At Lakewood Boulevard the right lane of US-31 SB will be forced to take the exit ramp to Lakewood Boulevard.  From Lakewood Boulevard south to 8th Street we will be maintaining 2 lanes of northbound traffic and 1 lane of southbound traffic. 


With the crossovers in place the following ramps will be closed for the duration of Stage 2 which is expected to last from May 16th to approximately mid-August.  Detour maps are attached showing the signed detour routes for the ramps listed below. 


  •           Lakewood Boulevard on ramp to southbound US-31
  •       Southbound US-31 exit ramp to Chicago Drive (I-196 BL)
  •       EB & WB Chicago Drive (I-196 BL) on ramps to southbound US-31


Lastly, during the traffic crossover there will be no left turns permitted at any intersections within the crossover limits.  The only options available at the intersections of Quincy, Riley, Felch, James and 8th will be to proceed straight or make right turns onto and off from US-31. 


Construction Routing Associated with 9th Street Reconstruction:   The Principal Shopping District and the Downtown Development Board continue to ponder the best approach regarding 7th Street this summer and provide feedback to the Transportation Director.  What follows is a status report from the Downtown Director.  An upcoming Study Session report will come from the Transportation Director when timely: 


The conceptual plan for temporarily turning 7th Street to two-way traffic during Phase B of 9th Street reconstruction was reviewed by the PSD Board (see attached). The PSD Board is recommending that the City pursue all other methods of circulating traffic into downtown from the North first before implementing a change on 7th Street.  There was some level of support if the change was for a limited duration (a few days/week) versus the entirety of the second phase of construction along with reserve officer support to direct traffic, similar to what is done during Tulip Time.


Reasons for their recommendation include: There is already considerable stacking that occurs during rush hour traffic in the far westbound lane to turn right onto River.  If that is the only lane available for all traffic (turning and thru) then that lane will become even more congested resulting in backups and frustration and possibly avoiding this area.;  An additional roadway change during construction will only further frustrate drivers and visitors to downtown (US-31/9th Street Changes) and cause difficulty in relaying directions to out of town visitors ("let's have as few roads as possible changed");Concerns over pedestrian traffic between the north and south side of 7th Street - it is already difficult to cross the street and there is concern that it will only worsen under this scenario; People will naturally use 3rd and/or 4th Street so why isn't this option pushed further and a signal installed at this location


Further, the suggestion was to encourage, sign and better accommodate use of 3rd/4th, monitor the traffic situation and then make the change on 7th Street if absolutely necessary.


Elberdene Property Sale Snag:  Technology Services Director and Assistant to the City Manager reports that: "The buyer has been speaking with the township and a part of what they want to do with the property is not allowed." More to follow...


Summer Assessing Staff and Residential Visits:  The Finance Director and City Assessor report:


During this summer the Assessing Department will be going out to several areas throughout the city reviewing and updating our current records.  Three parts of the city have been identified as most in need of review.  These areas that we are concentrating on are; the area north of 16th East of US-31, the area south of 32nd between Washington Ave and Lincoln Ave, and the area south of 32nd to the west of Washington Ave.


The Assessing Department will be sending letters to homeowners (and renters) in these areas alerting them to the fact that we will be in their neighborhood, and offering homeowners several ways to help with the process.  By either filling out a post card and returning it or going to a website ( and answering the questions about their home there.



Recreation Program Coordinator Position Advertised:  You can view or share this position advertisement effective with the new budget year at:


Human Resource Director Applications Received:  Twenty-five were received and are under review.


Annual Holland Historic District Neighbors Association BBQ and Plant Sale Scheduled:  Saturday, May 21st from 3 PM top 6 PM.


Mayor's Exchange in Frankenmuth on June 2nd:   For Council members who are interested, save the date of June 2nd to travel there and July 11th to host them here. More to follow on coordinated transportation...


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March 29, 2016

HOLLAND - Beginning Sunday, May 15 and continuing through September 30, 2016, residents are reminded that overnight parking of passenger vehicles, motorcycles and trucks (under two tons) is allowed on most City streets:

  • Overnight parking restrictions will continue in the downtown area (generally between 6th and 10th Streets and between Maple and Lincoln Avenues) and along streets where parking is signed as prohibited; and
  • Vehicles may remain parked between sidewalks lines of a public street, in the same spot, for up to 48 hours; and any vehicle identified as exceeding this time limit shall be deemed an abandoned vehicle and may be given notice and removed as an abandoned vehicle under the Michigan Code.

Information on overnight parking can be directed to the City Manager's Office at 616.355.1310 or

The official budgeting process for fiscal year (FY) 2017 began in January 2016 when the City Council held the annual "Coffee with Council," followed by its annual retreat. From the input and outcomes of those public events, the City's Leadership Team,  led by City Manager Ryan Cotton, will be meeting to discuss budgeting scenarios and suggestions.  In early April, Ryan Cotton will be presenting a proposed budget to the City Council for its review and discussion.

HOLLAND, Michigan – April 22, 2015, the City of Holland and Tulip Time are jointly announcing that for the first time, there will not be block and board benches set up on 8th Street for the T

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The Holland-Hope College Sustainability Institute is a partnership between the City of Holland, Hope College and the Holland Board of Public Works.  Its purpose is to support growing efforts t

Approval is subject to the following regulations in accordance with Section 19-6 of the City Code:

Awning, canopy, marquee signs or projecting signs which extend over the City right-of-way, require a revocable license from City Council prior to receiving a building permit.  (Section 39-347

City of Holland Michigan Official Website

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