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To: Mayor DeBoer and Members of Holland City Council

Re: City Manager's Weekly Report for April 23, 2016


Study Session Agenda Notes:


District Heat Report:  Trent DeBoer with GMB will report on his preliminary findings on district heating in various Downtown buildings and also for the Civic Center.


Airport Business Center Tour:  Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at 8:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m.  Greg Robinson reports that anyone wanting a tour should meet in the Airport Business Center.  Park in the parking lot to the north of the building and enter the building through the easternmost door on the north side of the building (the future employee entrance).  There will be a plank walkway from the parking lot to this door.   Please let him know whether you plan to attend this meeting so that we know how many to count on:


New Civic Center Grants to be Explored:  Council member Whiteman provided information on grants for "Military Covenant Communities."   It is his understanding that various branches of the military sometime "partner financially with Covenant Communities on Centers such as ours when a mutually beneficially component can be added in/ demonstrated." We will look into. 


State of Michigan Community Revitalization Program and A Potential Civic Center Grant:  As reported last week a tour for State Elected officials, Lakeshore Advantage staff and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation would be helpful in achieving this grant. Dennis Van Dam came to see me this week to learn more on behalf of Senator Meekof.  He advised me to set the time for when the legislators are not in session and in the morning.  It would be ideal to have it after Council consensus on the conceptual design and before the Governor comes to town.   I am looking at the following possible dates: Friday, May 6th or Monday May 9th. Save these possible dates (morning) if interested.


Possible Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds:  A formal request will be on your agenda for May 4th to consider.  The final request is due at the State Treasury Department on May 16th. 


Civic Center Fund Raising Team:  Mayor DeBoer is thinking through the best approach(es) and will be organizing these efforts after a City Council consensus on design.


More Detail on Civic Center Place Cost Components:  I asked for more detail from the Go Construction Senior cost estimator Kris Ford recently.  See his answers below: 


1.  I did not see the detail broken out for the "West end anchor improvements (including snowmelt system rework) for $530,000 that was first mentioned on the third page at the bottom under "Site Core Items."   There is money to install a brick paver section at  the end of 8th street as shown on the site renderings and an allowance of $75.000 for additional TBD improvements. 



2.  Does the Ice for the NW Recreation Park include the cost of a pump house and storage for a small push or large drivable zamboni? No costs for buildings have been included in this breakout number.  Pumps and other equipment would be enclosed on an equipment pad next to the electrical equipment on site.  Also, the cost of a Zamboni is not included in this cost.


3. Does the basement alternate that does not include the boiler include any more fail safe systems to alarm, respond, back up generate power or sump pumps or otherwise protect the boiler from flooding? Yes, connection of the sump pump to a battery backup pump after alarm has been triggered is included.


4.  What is a fire pump under General gym renovations ($75,000)?  Fire pump is used to boost the city water pressure up for new fire sprinkler system required by code.  This item may not be needed after a test of the hydrant pressure is taken, this will be done during design development phase.


5.  When would a detailed asbestos abatement best be delineated, and alternately, done? Just before construction starts.


6.  Were soil borings considered as necessary? Yes.  Would recommend them at any building addition location.


7.  If I understand the upstairs seating with all the options, the north ones would definitely be gone.  The east ones would depend on the flattened East Entrance lobby addition? Correct


8.  How many square feet of office would remain with the core building? In the main option where the existing lobby is renovated and no expansion to the east the office size would remain and not change, only be consolidated together, next to the new toilet addition.


9.  The allowance of $5,800 per tree must include more than a large tree cost.  Are there special drainage, irrigation, enclosures, etc. planned also?   Yes, drainage materials and drain tile along with the cost of a larger more developed tree that would be moved with a tree spade.


10.  Would the cleaning of the Famer's Market awnings improve the color?  If we wanted to change the color, what allowance should we include?  Test cleaning of the dirty white vinyl will be needed to see how well the existing can be cleaned.  Looking at them it appears to be some color change has occurred since the installation with sun UV rays.  Changing the fabric is not in the budget and will need to do some investigation during the design development phase if this is something desired.


11. Which option included the most storage square feet? Same storage area on the west side with either option.


Upcoming Tax Increment Financing Considerations:  GDK representatives met with the Finance Director and me this week to discuss construction of the parking deck, snowmelt, and a possible additional lane on 9th Street some day from eventual TIF dollars associated with their West 8th Street redevelopment. An idea is for the TIF to include the Civic Center Place block and to potentially help cover the costs of a potential southeast park is built as included in Edgewater¡¦s overall plan. 


Washington School Tax Increment Financing District?:  This is also being scheduled to be discussed with the Finance Director and me via the attorney mentioned below¡K. 


Neighborhood Enterprise Zones:  Designation of these zones reduce taxes for residential properties for ten years.  A Grand Rapids attorney named John Byl is working with both of the above developers to come to Council to request approve of a Neighborhood Improvement Zone tax reduction for the planned dwelling units.  The Community and Neighborhood Services Director is reviewing the NEZ policy and will score each project before they come to Council.


Mayor's Exchange in Frankenmuth on June 2nd:  This is the first time Holland has participated in this Michigan Municipal League suggested program in the last decade.  Frankenmuth invited Mayor DeBoer to do a reciprocal visit and it was accepted.  For Council members who are interested, save the date of June 2nd to travel there and July 11th to host them here. More to follow¡K


Human Resource Director's Position:  The deadline to apply is Friday, April 29th or until the position is filled. or


Sustainable Infrastructure Rating Being Worked Upon for the New Gas-Powered Energy Plant:  General Manager  Dave Koster reports that: 

"An important HEP project milestone was reached ¡K.  As you may recall, one of the goals of the project was to seek certification under the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure¡¦s (ISI) Envision rating system.  The team has completed the work to submit to ISI and believes we should receive the Platinum (highest) rating.  The review process from an independent third-party firm now begins.  [If achieved], we will also be the first power plant to receive an Envision rating.  Chris Van Dokkumburg has led this effort and deserves a tremendous credit for her work and coordination..."


Weekly Reports to Go on the City's Web Site:  The Sentinel requested these recently.  I will be placing them on the City's website also. I did this in another community as well.  More to follow when set up. 


City Attorney Two-Year Contract:  The initial two-year period ends on June 30th.  City Attorney VanderVeen brought several small changes to my attention.  The next step is for Mayor DeBoer to review these changes requested and then bring the City Council. 

Major Playground Upgrade at Smallenburg Park:  The Parks and Recreation Department will be taking out cement pads after Wednesday of next week.  Swings will be re-installed thereafter and the work will be done by the 1st week in May. 


Metro Act Permit Provided:  The City Manager is required to review, approve or reject these requests.  Information on the outcomes is subsequently reported to Council.  I approved a request by Charter Communications this week.  Their intent is to create a better service connection to portions of Holland Charter Township.  The approved line is underground parallel to US 31.  No trees or homeowner yards will be impacted. 


Holland Public Schools Wins 2nd Place in the Biggest Loser, Education Category, in the Grand Rapids area Battle of the Buildings:   The recent work and operating controls achieved an 11% reduction during 2015.


Challenge Machinery Changes Name:  The new name is Black River Stamping and Automation.


Holland Youth Connections Fundraising Letter Goes Out Next Week: Approximately $56,000 is available; about ten paying employers have been lined up; another $40,000 and double the number of employers are necessary to maintain the number of jobs from last summer.  In addition to the three City teams planned, our office will be hiring one older youth who wants to learn office skills by working alongside Sinka and Veronica this summer.  


"Pay It Forward¨ Cards Are Popular:  Hope College Sociology Professor Temple Smith requested and distributed 60 of these cards to her classes this week.


Ryan Cotton

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