Intersections and Snow Bank Improvements

Press release date: Thu Feb 13th, 2014

The City of Holland, along with much of the State of Michigan and our surrounding neighbors, experienced significant amount of snow during the past winter months.  Holland is up past 115 inches.  The City provides winter operations for the clearing and cleaning up roads and sidewalks yet with these operations there is an expected accumulation of snow from the City’s snowplows.  The City of Holland is grateful for the support and cooperation of residents and business owners in helping their neighbors during this difficult winter.

1.  Requests for Voluntary Snow Bank Efforts at Intersection Corners:

Buildup of snow from the City’s snowplows may result in snow banks at side street corners.  The City does not have manpower or equipment to remove snow from all of the individual corners.

Due to this amount of snow and ice, snow banks are getting increasingly higher, resulting in concerns for vehicle and pedestrian traffic visibility.  Action Requested: Concerned residents are asked to volunteer to cut down the snow/ice banks at their key neighborhood corners and move the snow several feet away so as to create a lower bank for increased visibility for your neighborhood safety and the safety of visitors.

2.  Sidewalk Clearing Requirements:

The City’s sidewalk plows are experiencing significant obstacles in clearing the snow from City sidewalks due to the depth and extent of the snow.  This snow is an impediment to pedestrian travel, and especially impacts our children as they walk to school and emergency medical responders.   Action Requested:  Vehicles need to be pulled into the driveways so as to not block sidewalks.  Private plow operators must remove windrows that otherwise block neighborhood passage on the sidewalks.  Those that are not able to clear their sidewalks should make arrangements for snow removal with able neighbors, neighborhood youth, or private contractors.

Property owners and residents need to clear their sidewalks as per the City’s sidewalk clearing ordinance in order to open them up as quickly as possible.

3.  Bus Pick-Up Areas:

MAX Bus and Public School Bus riders depend on pick-up points and shelters.  Residents and businesses are encouraged to clear the areas close to you that are depended upon by others.


I appreciate your patience and the cooperation of Holland’s citizens during this difficult winter.

For further information, please contact:

Ryan Cotton, City Manager, City of Holland

616.355.1310 or