Request for Temporary Permit To Use Right-of-Ways

A written permit must be obtained from the City Manager to place any merchandise, materials or signs upon, or engage in commercial activity upon, any sidewalk, street or alley, by filing the attached application.  A permit shall be valid for a period of not moer than 90 days allowing the temporary storage of a resonable quantity of buidling and construction materials thereon.  (Section 32-1 of the Ordinance Code)

General Conditions Applicable to All Permits:

  • Please attach check for $100 payable to City of Holland for legal / administrative fee.  If permit not pulled by contractor or responsible party, the legal / adm. fee will be $150.  The application will not be accepted without payment of this fee.
  • A certificate of insurance indicating current general liability coverage, and naming the City of Holland and its employees, officers, officials and agents as additional insured, shall be submitted with this application.
  • For purposes of this permit, fences, barricades, dumpsters, scaffolding, and other construction equipment shall be deemed to be construction materials.
  • Plans or sketches may be requested when essential to understanding the scope and establishing limitations for such activity.
  • Any permit issued is subject to strict compliance with conditions attached thereto, which may include, but not be limited to the provision of signs, fencing, barricades, deemed reasonably necessary to protect the public, and with any limitation on the periods or duration of such encroachment.
  • For any projects occurring in the downtown area, this request will be sent to the DDA for comments prior to approval.
  • This permit shall not be valid unless signed by the City Manager or his authorized representative.
  • The Applicant must submit the application a minimum of 5 business days prior to the requested start date.