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Re: City Manager’s Weekly Report for April 30, 2016


Council Agenda Notes:


        5A:  Special Recognitions:  The group responsible for the Knock on Every Door Campaign completion will be represented by Peter Boogaart and several of the 20 youth. They will present the results of this campaign. 


        12E6.3:  Qualified Energy Conservation Bond Resolution and the Question of Solar Power on the Civic Center Roof?  Trent DeBoer of GMB reports that the cost of solar power is between $65,000 and $81,000.  Although it does not quite cash flow over the course of the life of the equipment, it nevertheless could create a stronger application for up to $11 million of Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds for the lower interest rate savings. Attached is his report.  The 25 kWh array mentioned is enough to power all of the lights for a year (about 10% of the total building electrical use).  Some regular maintenance on the solar panels would be necessary. Perhaps a donor could be sought if you would like to go forward?  


        12 E6.4:   Civic Center Renovation Item:  The goal is to develop a consensus on a target number.  This is necessary before any more design work, fundraising or grants are possible.  Some of the finer details of design will be addressed over the next several months once a target budget number is known.  All detailed design recommendations will be subject to your review and approval prior to authorization to go to the bidding phase.  If a target number is achieved on Wednesday, setting a public hearing for the next meeting would be a good way to ensure you receive any more public input needed.  The subsequent administrative steps would be to negotiate numbers for final design and construction management (phase two) with the two firms that helped us in the first phase if you are satisfied with their work to-date (Edgewater Resources and GO Construction).


Vietnam Commemorative Event at Civic Center: This was an amazing event.  Very well attended.  900 people.  People with direct connections were in tears afterwards.  The  Human Relations Coordinator/Commission and Mayor DeBoer honored the veterans by their embrace of this national commemorative year (50 years).  Jim DeBoer led us in song.  The Holland Historical Trust Director conducted original research and provided a fascinating addition of a timeline from 1945 to 1975.  The high school music program and talent was in great form and played songs from each branch of the military. 


Construction Season and Progress Begins:


       US 31 construction:  The Transportation Director reports no major disruptions between now and Tulip Time; the largest change in flow will not occur until 5 PM on Sunday, May 15th. 


       Groundbreaking on 9th Street Reconstruction:  The Transportation Director reports this project will begin on Monday, May 16th.  The two-way idea for 7th Street does not need to happen right away and is still being considered, yet other options that do not involve changing the current one-way flow are under consideration too given concerns from merchants.  More to follow in an eventual Study Session update before this phase of the project is needed.


       Final 9th Street Open House: Scheduled for Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 5 PM at City Hall.


       South Shore:  The Community and Neighborhood Services Director reports that the South Shore commercial streetscape project will begin on Monday, May 16th.   


Centennial Park Speakers Ready for Tulip Time:  Technology Services Director and Assistant to the City Manager worked with Tulip Time and others to fix, re-connect, and/or replace a few of the problem speaker system wires and speakers.  Matt reports that the music should be much improved. 


State of Michigan Community Revitalization Program and A Potential Civic Center Grant Tour for Legislators and Gubernatorial Staff:  Monday, May 9th at 11 AM at the Civic Center.  We may take the legislator(s) to the Park Theater, as well, given a year-long grant request that has been underway for the Park.


Airport Business Center Tour and Special Glass:  I now realize why the Airport Board located the building so far off the roadway; it is perfectly situated for a tremendous view of the aircraft landing and taking off.  Special glass was used that changes its tint depending on the strength of the sunlight developed by a local company/entrepreneur. 


Police Department Handling Ottawa County Arrest Bookings/Holding Temporarily:  This started on Thursday and lasts until Sunday.  No problems so far.  The normal Ottawa County complex on Fillmore is making construction changes of their facility during this period. Arrested individuals are ultimately still being housed at the Ottawa County Adult Correctional facility in West Olive.


Criminal Justice Scholarship Re-Instituted:  Chief Messer reports that the Police Community Relations used to award scholarships to students going into Criminal Justice back before the first major recession.  Given the recent difficulty in getting recruits, it is being re-instituted for $2,000 and is open to any City of Holland resident.  Application forms are being prepared for interested seniors and will be distributed to the most likely schools. 


Grass Letters Go Out:  Coordinator Danielle Weeks and Community and Neighborhood Services staff did their first inspection this week.  If you see any remaining problem areas in your neighborhoods later this week, feel free to advise via Holland's City Source app or call.   


No Parking Signs Requested at Pine and 21st and 22nd Street:  On-street parking during Sunday mornings, Aquatic Center meets and tennis matches reportedly creates a dangerous lack of sight distance.  The Traffic Committee was asked to study this week.


Project Clarity Staff Suggest A Role in Tree Planting Locations:  This is the outcome of the City Council’s budget of $30,000 trees in addition to $30,000 contribution to the ten-year Project Clarity program.  The Parks and Recreation Director will work with Project Clarity's input on where to best re-install the tree canopy so as to have the double impact of improving water quality.


East 16th Street Home that Experienced the Fire Being Cleaned Up:  Efforts to get cleaned up by the property owner have been unsuccessful to-date.  Community and Neighborhood Services Department will be contracting for its improvement prior to Tulip Time.


City Hall Miscellaneous Surplus Items:  The Technology Services Director reports that efforts to sell some surplus items in City Hall have gotten not bids so far ( The idea of marking them all and then inviting staff and any one to come to City Hall to pay for and move the surplus items out is under consideration. The items include the old treadmill equipment.   More to follow…


Annual Holland Historic District Neighbors Association BBQ and Plant Sale Scheduled:  Saturday, May 21st from 3 PM top 6 PM.


Upcoming Tax Increment Financing Considerations:  This next brownfield meeting is set for May 4th at 11:30 AM in the City Manager’s Conference Room.  GDK and Washington School developer representatives will likely attend.  Finance Director Vagle is working on the numbers with a Grand Rapids attorney named John Byl.  Neighborhood Enterprise Zone tax reductions for the planned dwelling units being developed are being requested as well. .  The Community and Neighborhood Services Director is scoring each project.


Mayor’s Exchange in Frankenmuth on June 2nd:  This is the first time Holland has participated in this Michigan Municipal League suggested program in the last decade.  Frankenmuth invited Mayor DeBoer to do a reciprocal visit and it was accepted.  For Council members who are interested, save the date of June 2nd to travel there and July 11th to host them here. More to follow on transportation and whether to spend the night…


Human Resource Director’s Position:  The deadline has been extended to May 10th or until the position is filled. or 


Holland Youth Connections:  The program is coming together again this year.  A hundred (100) youth  jobs is the likely number that will be covered by employers and the fundraising.  Kim Meyer as the City’s Youth Services Specialist will serve as the City Manager’s office contact and will be assisting Escape Ministries and Good Temps pay rolling services in their coordination and our hiring of the supervisors this year.  We hope that her coordination of the  HYAC will also help with recruiting these additional youth who would normally not have access to this year-round program.


Image Group Hired by Georgetown University Energy Team and Holland Energy Fund for a Final Marketing Push:  A number of local marketing firms were considered.  The Image Group was chosen by the GUEP team for $1,750 that is budgeted in the Holland Energy Fund.  More to follow…



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March 29, 2016

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