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To: Mayor DeBoer and Members of Holland City Council

Re: City Manager's Weekly Report for May 21, 2016


Council Special Study Session on Tuesday Notes: 


Civic Center Place and Expected Outside Funding:  We met with the West 8th Street block redevelopment representatives, Lakeshore Advantage and the attorney who wrote up the Community Reinvestment Program grant legislation.  We think it would be best to apply for $1,500,000 in the new fiscal year starting 0ctober 1, 2016 and make a case for the benefit to the economy regarding the 8th Street Marketplace.  In the meantime, we are being very conservative in only assuming $570,000 in what I sent out.  There is more capacity in the Tax Increment Financing Funds than listed as well.  In other words, I believe the City can produce a quality project for the General Obligation numbers listed when these conservative projections are included.


Fundraiser Team:  Mayor DeBoer is spearheading this effort with the help of Council members Peters, Burch and Scott Spoelhof. 


Impact on Tax Rate:  Finance Director Vagle is calculating the impact given the various potential general obligation amounts so as to illuminate the Tuesday discussion. 


Farmers Market Parking Space Weekly Counts:  33 spaces were open at the peak this week on the south side.  Ten more were available due south of the Civic Center.  A camera is getting installed to do more scientific surveys over the course of the summer. Meanwhile, we are starting to work with a number of parties to imagine better places for the vendors next summer


Council Study Session on Wednesday Notes: All items are self-explanatory. . 


Rosa Parks Green Gets New Play Equipment:  The Parks and Recreation Director and his the Parks Team made a great outcome happen when Ridge Point Church reached out to donate the funding and other help.  There were over 150 volunteers.  Doug Culper from Ridge Point was their key leader.  A unique Ga Ga Ball Pit is included in what was built. See attached photos.


Letter of Appreciation Received for Police Work:  A citizen recently sent a thank you note to the officers involved in successfully assisting in locating a missing relative.  The citizen especially noted that the officers were ¡°cool, calm and collected; they were appropriately inquisitive, patient and thorough;" and kept him ¡°appraised of developments and a plan to locate her. He concluded that this was a ¡°testament to a group of obviously qualified, compassionate, and professional officers.


June 2nd Master Plan Open House at 7 PM:  The Senior Planner reports that the Planning Commission's open house on the next Master Plan is scheduled for June 2 at 7:00 pm. 


After this June 2 presentation/open house, the Planning Commission intends to review a final draft copy of the Master Plan during their June 14 meeting, and then we would like to present the draft plan to Council during your June 22 study session, if possible.  Council would then be asked during your July 6 regular meeting to approve the distribution of the draft plan to adjacent townships and county planning commissions for their comments and suggestions (state requirement).  This review and comment period will last until about Labor Day, after which the Planning Commission and City Council will make any final revisions and then move to adopt in the Sept/Oct time period. 


Purchase of the Remaining amount of Snowmelt Transmission Pipe:  Snowmelt pipe purchases were split into two separate orders.  The remaining amount of pipe that will extend snowmelt to Maple Avenue on the 9th Street project was purchased last week.


Save the Date of Thursday, June 16th for a Comprehensive Holland Energy Park Tour:  The HBPW Board is touring the site on Thursday, June 19th at 6 PM.  All City Council and Leadership Team are invited to attend. 


Save the Date for a Memorial Day Weekend Thank You:  Calvary Baptist Church invites government officials from the federal to the local level to this annual event (Sunday, May 29th at 10 AM). Their purpose is to honor them and pray for these officials.  Contact Bernadette Walker at Calvary Baptist Church at (616) 396-2724 Ext. 104 | if you are attending.  


Reconstruction at South Shore Village:  This 60-day construction project started last week. The Community and Neighborhood Services Director reports "parking is going to be tight and limited for these businesses during this time and the shops may lose some business as part of this project. [It is] recommend[ed] that City Council and any other city board that has food catered in during this time, try to use the restaurants in this district including Margaritas, Jackie's Place or Way Cup Cafe'"


Anonymous Donor Pledge of $15,000 for Holland Youth Connections:  We are grateful to this person's continued generosity who wholeheartedly supports the program's goals.  Enough funding for approximately 12 teams was in hand so this challenge grant could potentially increase this number to 15.  A press release announcing this challenge will be forthcoming¡­


Holland Youth Connections Schedule This Summer: 

  • Orientation on Friday June 3@6:00 at the Civic Center.
  • First Day is Tuesday, June 14th at 8:30 am at the Civic Center
  • Last Day is Thursday, August 18th. 


We hope to be able to introduce our teams to fire and police tours/employment possibilities as well as DeGraaf Nature Center, for their future reference during the course of the summer.

Downtown Vacancies In May:  The ground vacancy rate is 0.4%.  The upper rate is 11.4%. 


Street Performer Series Changes:  The Downtown Director reports that these street performers will not be grouped on Thursday night this summer; rather they will be performing in two-hour blocks throughout the entire day on Thursdays in order to avoid having the street closed on an otherwise good shopping night. 


Two-Way Study the Entire Length of 9th Street Funding:  The Macatawa Area Coordinating Council is looking to assist in this funding, as is Hope College.  More to follow to see if Council would like to review this matter again, but more comprehensively.


Holland Delegation Going to the Georgetown University Energy Prize Regional Seminar:  The Board of Public Works Energy Services Manager and I will be going to this regional meeting on June 6th and 7th in Madison, Wisconsin.  The idea is to share and collect ideas for enhanced Community Energy Plan outcomes.


Chef Donation:  Human Relations Coordinator requested a dumpster from Chef in her capacity as a victim services advocate so as to help out a burned-out family a few weeks ago.  Chef generously donated it for three weeks.


Public Information Coordinator Begins June 1st:  The Technology Services and Assistant to the City Manager reports that Marianne Manderfield will begin in a few weeks.  Marianne comes to the City with extraordinary experience as a Marketing Director in Arizona and Michigan.  She has been active in Holland area school and non-profit volunteer work.  We will invite Marianne to an upcoming Council meeting.


Human Resource Director Applications Interviews Begin:  Seven individuals are being interviewed.  The intent is to bring three applicants back for second interviews and tours.  A work-style profile, simulated work assignments, background checks, writing exercises, and public speaking exercises will be conducted.  More to follow¡­ 


Mayor's Exchange in Frankenmuth on June 2nd:  June 2nd is when four Council members will travel there.  Two members will spend the night.  July 11th will be the day we host them here. 


Ryan Cotton

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March 29, 2016

HOLLAND - Beginning Sunday, May 15 and continuing through September 30, 2016, residents are reminded that overnight parking of passenger vehicles, motorcycles and trucks (under two tons) is allowed on most City streets:

  • Overnight parking restrictions will continue in the downtown area (generally between 6th and 10th Streets and between Maple and Lincoln Avenues) and along streets where parking is signed as prohibited; and
  • Vehicles may remain parked between sidewalks lines of a public street, in the same spot, for up to 48 hours; and any vehicle identified as exceeding this time limit shall be deemed an abandoned vehicle and may be given notice and removed as an abandoned vehicle under the Michigan Code.

Information on overnight parking can be directed to the City Manager's Office at 616.355.1310 or

The official budgeting process for fiscal year (FY) 2017 began in January 2016 when the City Council held the annual "Coffee with Council," followed by its annual retreat. From the input and outcomes of those public events, the City's Leadership Team,  led by City Manager Ryan Cotton, will be meeting to discuss budgeting scenarios and suggestions.  In early April, Ryan Cotton will be presenting a proposed budget to the City Council for its review and discussion.

HOLLAND, Michigan – April 22, 2015, the City of Holland and Tulip Time are jointly announcing that for the first time, there will not be block and board benches set up on 8th Street for the T

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