Birthday Parties at DeGraaf

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Choose from any of these fun and educational programs

  • Reptile Round-up (all ages) Get a closer look at snakes and turtles as you get acquainted with our scaly friends.  If the weather is right, we will visit our pond and trails in search of reptiles.
  • Insect Investigations (all ages)  Discover our six-legged friends with games and activities as well as a visit with live insects.  We will explore outside with nets too.
  • Michigan Wildlife  (all ages) Michigan is home to an amazing variety of wildlife- from snakes, frogs, birds, mammals and insects.  This program will look at a variety of them and then go outside for an exploration on the trails
  • Winter Wonders (Ages 5 and up)  In winter we can find many kinds of snowflakes, how animals use the snow for shelter and look for animal tracks and trails on snowshoes (if there is at least 6 inches on the ground)


Free Admission to the nature center

One hour program with an exploration on the trails

Use of the room for an additional hour for refreshments, gifts and games on your own.

The nature center provides reusable cups, plates and silverware to reduce waste.  You may provide your own if you wish.

Fee:  Members - $65 for up to 12 children.  Non-members - $95.

Deposit: $25 non-refundable required upon registration

Siblings do count in your party numbers.

Call 616-355-1057 to register your party time!