Downtown Parking

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Downtown's parking system is managed by the Downtown Development Authority (DDA). The system's annual budget is received from an assessment district. The parking budget is used for maintenance items (such as lot striping, paving, lighting, and landscaping), rental payments to lot owners and other land improvements related to parking. The DDA's Downtown Parking Board meets monthly to consider parking requests and set policy for recommendations to the DDA Board and City Council.

Customer Parking
Customer parking is free in Downtown Holland. You'll find convenient parking close to your favorite shops, restaurants, and businesses. Public parking is available on the street, in 17 parking lots, and on the 7th Street Parking Deck.

Employee Parking Policies
Downtown employees are an important and valued part of Downtown Holland. Thousands of employees work in Downtown's retail, restaurant, service, cultural, entertainment and industrial businesses. For employee parking purposes, lots are either designated as customer lots exclusively, or as customer and employee lots. This means that only Downtown's customers are allowed to park in “C” lots (white), but both customers and employees are allowed to park in “CE” lots (blue). Also, all on-street spaces along 8th Street, and on the avenues between 7th and 9th Streets, are designated for customer use only. There is no enforcement system for employee parking lots, so employees are on their honor, and encouraged, by the Downtown Holland offices and fellow employees to park in employee designated spaces. This policy allows customers and clients to easily find the most convenient parking spots.

Residential Parking Policies
Public parking lots in Downtown Holland are also designated for overnight and daytime parkers. Thus, the two basic lot designations are “Overnight” for residents (short and long term), and “Customer/Employee” for Downtown's customers and employees. 

Overnight Parking Permits
Downtown residents and guests may apply for and be issued an Overnight Parking Permit at the Downtown Holland office (44 West 9th Street. It's best to call the office first at 616.355.1050 before visiting to purchase a permit.

Padnos Transportation Center Overflow Parking
When the Padnos Transportation Center parking lot, located on 8th Street just east of the Padnos Center, is full overflow parking is available in the 7th Street Parking Deck. No-cost overnight parking permit hangtags will be issued by Macatawa Area Express (MAX Transit) staff, located in the Padnos Center office. Permits will be issued Monday through Friday from 6:00 am until the train departs, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 am until the train departs. Permits are only distributed as needed at the lot. The permit is valid for parking in one of the twenty designated spaces located on the upper level of the deck. Vehicles can park overnight, but must have a permit. Non-permitted vehicles parked in these spaces are subject to ticketing and towing.