Central Avenue And State Street Projects

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Parking Reminder 12-06-16 -
Central Avenue residents are reminded that they may no longer park in the Evergreen Commons parking lots.  Evergreen Commons was so kind as to allow parking during the construction period.  Now that construction is completed, residents should refrain from parking in those lots and return to their own driveways.  Cars left in these lots may be towed away at the discretion of Evergreen Commons. 

Central Ave  Construction Update 08-23-16 -
During the 2015 construction season Central Avenue was reconstructed between 3rd & 19th Streets with underground work.  Work is scheduled to resume on Central Avenue starting Wednesday, August 24, 2016.  Work will include installation of snowmelted sidewalks along the west side of Central Avenue, between 16th & 21st to State Street,  and road and utility reconstruction from south of 19th Street through the intersection at State Street.  The intersectin of Central Ave & 19th St should remain open to traffic as we finish out the remaining work on the project.  The project is scheduled to be completed by early November, 2016.

State Street Road Improvement Project -
This is a project that will make limited storm sewer improvements, add pedestrian island at both 20th & 28th St on State, milling and paving of the roadway and new line striping to include designated bike lanes.  Work will begin on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 21st & State Street.  This work will close the intersection of 21st & State.  Motorists must follow the posted detour around the work zone.

State Street & Central Avenue Update 11-02-16 -
Work is progressing on State Street.  Storm Sewer, Sanitary Sewer, and Watermain Work are finished.  Curbs & gutters are being finalized.  Islands at 20th & 28th are curbed in. There is still some sidewalk, sidewalk ramp, and driveway work to complete. The base coats of asphalt have been completed in the 20th & 21st Street Intersections.  The small areas where other storm sewer, water service, islands, and widening work occurred along State Street have been hand patched this week and are near completion.  The tentative schedule is to mill the road surfaces today, Wednesday and Thursday, November 2 & 3.  The top coat of asphalt is scheduled for Friday, November 4.  This work is weather dependent and schedules can change.  We will endeavor to keep you posted as new information becomes available.

Pavement markings are tentatively schedule for Monday, Nov. 7, 2016.  Residents should hold-off on putting their fall leaves into the roadway until after the road has been paved and pavement markings applied.  Current road closures on Central Avenue from 17th - State Street and State Street south to 32nd Street will remain in effect until paving and markings are complete.

This is a City of Holland and Board of Public Works project that will include limited watermain, sanitary sewer, snowmelt and storm sewer work, ADA sidewalk ramps and reconstruction of the roadway.

Historical Fun Fact - Central Avenue currently has what we called Zuidema curbs.  They are called that since they were constructed in the 1920's when the City Engineer was Jacob Zuidema.  Prior to the 1920's Central Avenue was a narrow 20 feet wide.  In order to widen the road, the existing curb head was cut off and an additional 4-5 feet of cement gutter pan was added.  An economical solution at the time!

Construction Limits -
Central Ave from 3rd St to State Street; 19th St from Central to Columbia Avenues and 13th St from Central to River Avenues.

Phases -
Construction will be done in Four Phases to minimize disruption to residents and businesses.   Phases 1, 2 & 3 were completed in 2015.  Work on Phase 4 will be completed in 2016.
Phase I -  Central Ave starting just north of 7th Street and north to the Macatawa River north of 3rd Street.  
                   Phase 1 tentative start date last week of March with completion in mid-May.
Phase 2 - Central Ave from 6th to 9th Street.
                    Phase 2 tentative start date mid-May to mid-June.
Phase 3 -  Central Ave from 9th to 16th Street, including 13th Street from River to Central Avenues.
                    Phase 3 tentative start date mid-June to early August.
Phase 4 -  Central Ave from 16th Street to State Street including 19th Street from Central to Columbia Avenues and 20th Street from State to Central.
                     Phase 4 tentative start date August 22nd to early, November, 2016.
*Dates are subject to change due to scope of work, weather, or other circumstances.

Start Date - Approximately March, 2015

Completion Date - *November 11, 2016

Detour Routes -
No through traffic will be allowed. Motorists must follow the posted detour.
Central Avenue Residents and Merchants will generally be able to access their property with the exception of when excavation, concrete or asphalt work is being performed directly in front of their property.

Contact Information -
Roadway, Storm Water, Footings/Dump Drain,
Sidewalk & Tree concerns, Ben, City Eng. Asst. 616.928.2427
On-Site Inspector, Chad  616-460-0745
Contractor is Kamminga & Roodvoets (K & R), 616.949.0800
24-hour Contractor Contacts - Mark Roodvoets, 616.437.0911
Water/Wastewater Concerns, Kevin @ BPW, 616.355.1643
Garbage Questions?, Mary Ann, Solid Waste Coord., 616.355.1330
All other emergencies please call 911.