2013 Street Resurfacing Program

Work is scheduled to begin on our resurfacing project in the middle of September.


Resurfacing of Lincoln Avenue between 24th Street and 32nd Street is included with this project but will not begin until work on 24th Street is completed.  There is some underground work planned for Lincoln Avenue and that will begin after 24th Street is completed.  Once the underground work is complete we will resurface Lincoln Avenue.  The following streets are also part of the 2013 Resurfacing Project.  All resurfacing work is scheduled for completion by the end of October.
1. Washington Avenue – Regent Boulevard to Geurink Boulevard
2. E. 26th Street - East of Lincoln to Dead End
3. E. 24th Street - Central Ave. to State St.
4. W. 22nd Street - Pine Ave. to Michigan Ave.
5. W. 23rd Street - Maple Ave. to Pine Ave.
6. College Avenue - 25th St. to 26th St.
7. Cranberry Court - 48th St. to West Dead End
8. Regent Bouleard @ 48th Street Intersection

What is Milling & Paving? A milling machine grinds down 1.5" - 2" of existing blacktop off the road. Next a layer of tack is applied to help the new pavement adhere. Next comes the paving machine to apply the finish coat of asphalt.


Tentative schedule for Milling & Paving -
Description of Work:                                   Start Date:                  Completion Date:
Washington Ave.,Regent Bld.,Guerink Blvd 
Ea. Work, Curb & Gutter                              9/12/2013                      10/04/2013
Traffic Signal Work                                       9/12/2013                      10/04/2013
Milling                                                           10/??/2013                      10/??/2013
Paving                                                           10/??/2013                      10/??/2013
22nd St, 23rd St., 24th St. 
Water Services, San. MH Adj.                       9/16/2013                      9/21/2013
Milling                                                            9/27/2013                      9/27/2013
Paving                                                            9/30/2013                      9/30/2013
Cranberry Ct., College Ave. 
Milling                                                             9/27/2013                      9/27/2013
Paving                                                             9/30/2013                      9/30/2013
Lincoln Ave., E 26th 
San. Work, Water Services, Storm Work         9/23/2013                    10/28/2013
Conc. Work                                                    10/29/2013                    10/30/2013
Milling & Paving                                             10/31/2013                    11/01/2013

Schedules are subject to change depending on weather and other factors.


On-Site Inspector, Ben, City Eng. Asst. 616.218.7295
Contractor - Al's Excavating, 269.751.5158
Water/Wastewater Concerns, Marsha @ BPW, 616.355.1643
Garbage Questions?, Mary Ann, Solid Waste Coord., 616.355.1330
All other emergencies please call 911.