Snow Covered Fire Hydrants and Building Exits

City of Holland Michigan Official Website

The Holland Department of Public Safety (HDPS) – Fire Services is reminding all business and residents in the area to keep fire hydrants and exits clear of snow.

As a result of West Michigan’s large amount of snowfall accumulation, many of the fire hydrants have become covered making them difficult to find and access in an emergency.   Please take an active role by “adopting a hydrant” and help the department by seeing that these valuable tools are uncovered.

In addition, residents should take note that snow and piling of snow can block exits from buildings and homes that may be needed in the event of a fire or emergency.  Snow blocking these exits needs to be removed and placed in an area that will not block someone’s exit from a building.

HDPS encourages residents to Adopt the Fire Hydrants on and near their properties and keep them free of snow throughout the winter months.

For further information, contact John Vander Kooy, Fire Marshal at the Holland Fire Department, at (616) 355-1024.