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Forms, Permits, and Applications

Title Department Download
Historic District Affadavit Permits & Inspections
Holland Cable TV - A window into the places, events, people and topics in the community of Holland. Holland Cable TV (HCTV)
Home Business Application Permits & Inspections
Home Repair Program Housing & Neighborhoods
Hope Neighborhood Info Sheet Housing & Neighborhoods
Housing & Inspections Program Housing & Neighborhoods
Housing Board of Appeals Application Housing & Neighborhoods
Housing Inspection Checklist Permits & Inspections
HRC 2011 Social Justice Awards Human Relations
Human Relations Commission Human Relations
Identity Theft Victim's Packet Police
Income and Asset Checklist Housing & Neighborhoods
Industrial Facilities Tax (IFT) Exemption Forms Assessing Office
Infill Application Permits & Inspections
Inspection Request FAX / EMAIL FORM Permits & Inspections
Inspection Request Form (For Holland Charter Township & Zeeland City ONLY) Permits & Inspections
International Relations Commission Human Relations
Junior Police Academy Application Police
Kollen Park Boat Launch Parks & Cemeteries
L-4035 Board of Review Petition Assessing Office
Land Division Application Assessing Office
Mailing Address Change Form Assessing Office
Mechanical Permit Application Permits & Inspections
Michigan Tax Tribunal Petition Form Assessing Office
Minimum Information Required To Obtain Building Permits Permits & Inspections