Consolidated Plans

As a requirement for recieving an Annual Community Development Block Grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the City must develop and submit Consolidated Plans to HUD for their review and approval. These plans more or less tell HUD how the City of Holland will go about spending the CDBG Funds. 

There are two levels of plans.  The first plan is a Five Year Plan.  This plan is a broad stroke understanding of where the City plans on focusing its CDBG funds over the next five years.  The second plan is a One Year Annual Action Plan.  This plan is more detailed as it states the exact activities and programs receiving funds each year.

Both plans have several requiremetns, such as certifications that the City will further Fair Housing, have a drug free work place, etc.  Below you can find both the current Five Year Plan (2010-2015) and the first One Year Annual Action Plan. 

In addition to the Five Year Plan, the City must also submit yearly action plans identifiying which activities are being funded with CDBG Funds for each year.  Below are the one year action plans for our most recent Five Year Plan.