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Graffiti Removal Information

City of Holland Michigan Official Website

Graffiti hurts property values, perpetuates gang activity and sends the message that nobody cares about our community.  It is important that graffiti is removed promptly.  The City of Holland recommends that "graffiti will be removed from private residential and private commercial property within 48 hours after receipt of the police report."   If you notice graffiti, please report it immediately.

To Report Graffiti:

  • Call the non-emergency 911 number:  1-800-249-0911
  • Please give the dispatcher the exact address of the graffiti so the police are able to follow-up on  it and make a report.

Graffiti Removal:

After the police has documented the graffiti complaint, the property owner should remove the graffiti.  

To Cover Graffiti with Paint:

  1. Use a paint brush or roller, depending on the size of the project, and a good primer to paint over the graffiti.  Please paint a square shape to completely cover the graffiti instead of simply tracing over it.  Tracing the graffiti still leaves the original outline, making the graffiti still noticable. 
  2. Finish with another coat of exterior paint that matches your existing structure.   

To Remove Graffiti with Gelled Graffiti Remover: Commercial Property Owners Only

  1. Gelled Graffiti Remover is sold at Grainger's on Chicago Dr. and is only available to buisnesses.
  2. Gelled Graffiti Remover works well on garage doors, brick buildings, doors, windows, etc.  Use on most surfaces other than wood.
  3. Wear protective eyewear and gloves.
  4. Spray on graffiti and let stand for one minute.
  5. Scrape with a wire brush.
  6. Wipe away with a rag.

If you have additional questions or are physically unable to remove the graffiti yourself, please call our office at 355-3133.