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Hope Neighborhood Info Sheet

Hope College Neighborhood Information


In order to preserve and maintain characteristics of vibrant urban neighborhoods and places in our city in an area with divergent lifestyles, activity patterns and schedules, new City rules effective February 8, 2012 require:

1. Parking on paved surfaces only.
• Parking is allowed only on a durable surface. Any off street parking is limited to 50% of rear and 75% of side yards exceeding 10 feet. A permit will be required. For a permit application, please contact the Community and Neighborhood Services Department at 616-355-1330 or follow link below.

2. A building permit for any paving.
• With the loss of possible green yard space, a building permit is required for any paving. Contact the Community and Neighborhood Services to obtain a permit at 616-355-1330 or follow link below.

3. A maximum of six (6) vehicles parked on a property.
• A maximum of six (6) parked vehicles are allowed per property.

4. A Crime-Free Lease Addendum for all new and existing leases with occupancy limits.
• A Crime Free Lease is required and crime expectations statement. A new rental lease is not required as an addendum is acceptable. (Please see attached addendum)

5. Your contact information provided to neighbors.
• The owner of a rental unit shall furnish the name and 24-hour telephone contact information of the owner and the owner’s responsible agent, where applicable, annually to property owners and residents of properties immediately adjacent (to the side and rear) and across the street from the rental property.
(For more detailed information please refer to City Ordinance #1577)