House/Street Numbers

  • House/street numbers are important so your residence or business can be quickly and easily identified in the event of a fire, police, or medical emergency.
  • All buildings within the City of Holland are required to meet the following requirements:
    • Numbers must be clearly and easily visible from the public roadway
    • All digits must be displayed (can't have 2_5 if your number is 205)
    • Numbers must be contrasting the background they are displayed on (black numbers on a white house/building)
    • Numbers cannot be displayed on a mailbox, tree, post in yard, etc.
    • Numbers cannot be less than 4 inches tall
    • Numbers cannot be script ( if your street number is 365, it must say "365" not "three sixty five"
    • Numbers must be displayed on the side of the building facing the street the number is assigned to