Inoperable Vehicles

(Section 19-13 of the City of Holland Ordinance)

  • What is an inoperable vehicle ?
    • Any dismantled or partially dismantled vehicle
    • Any vehicle without a license plate
    • Any vehicle with an expired license plate
    • Any vehicle with a license plate affixed to it, which is not registered to the vehicle it is on
    • Vehicle parts stored on the property are also a violation of this ordinance
  • Who is responsible?
    • The property owner or tenant where the vehicle is located
    • The registered vehicle owner with the Secretary of State
  • How can I achieve compliance?
    • Have a current license plate tab affixed to the license plate
    • The license plate on the vehicle must be registered to that vehicle according to the Secretary of State records
    • Be operable (this means that you can legally drive it down the street - no flat tires, missing parts, etc.)
  • Vehicles stored within a completely enclosed garage or other such structure are exempt from this ordinance.
  • Failure to comply with the above requirements within ten (10) days of the date of a notice from the City may cause this department to serve you with a Civil Infraction Ticket.
  • A vehicle may be towed off private property by the property owner at any time.

Note: When selling a vehicle, make a copy of the title after you have signed it off to the new owner.  Make sure it includes the name and address of the person you are selling the vehicle to. This will ensure that you will not be held liable if the new owner fails to transfer the title to their name and it is found inoperable.