Materials Rebate Program

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The Purpose of the Ourstreet Materials Rebate Program is to encourage investment in properties in the Ourstreet Target Area, by offering rebates of up to $1,500 for materials to repair or improve the exterior of properties.

Rebates are issued to help defray the cost of materials for exterior improvements only on approved renovations and may not be used for labor costs or other expenses. Aesthetic Improvements (i.e. landscaping) must be 80% visible from the cernterline of the road. If you spend $1,500 for materials, you can get a materials rebate of between $750 and $1,500 depending on your household income.                   

Program Requirements:

  • A completed Ourstreet Application for the Materials Rebate Program must be submitted to Ourstreet staff and approved before the proposed starting date of construction.  Please see the application for required documents. 
  • The application must include two written estimates clearly stating material costs for the project. These estimates shall be from reputable companies and, if done by a contractor, the contractor shall be licensed for the type of work proposed. Owners who can demonstrate the ability to complete the work themselves may do so with staff approval. 
  • No work will be paid retroactively.
  • Work must be completed within three months of project approval. If the work is not completed within three months, the funds will no longer be available. The property owner must then reapply for the funds. Owners may be granted an extension by staff for reasons of unforeseen difficulties.
  • There is a yearly limit of $1,500.00 per repair project, with a lifetime maximum of $4,500 per property. Each project must be a different kind of repair.
  • Aesthetic improvements (i.e. landscaping) are limited to $400.00 per street side one time only, based on need as determined by the Design Sub-Committee.
  • To assist owners with the project, up to 5 hours of professional design assistance can be provided separately through the Ourstreet Design Assistance Program.
  • Owners are responsible for any permits required by the Department of Environmental Health. Failure to take out the necessary permits makes the project ineligible.

                 A porch rehabbed with assistance from the Materials Rebate Program


                                Before                                                       After

Selection of Participants:
Applicants will be taken and funds distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Staff is authorized to approve applications, however, all applications are subject to review by the Design Sub-Committee.

Homeowner Obligations:
In return for assistance under the Ourstreet Materials Rebate Program, the participant must:

  • Complete an applicaiton and submit the required documents to the Ourstreet Office.
  • Submit a 4" x 6" 'before' color photo (no Polaroid or digital photos)
  • Comply with program requirements.
  • Allow pictures of their homes to be used for promotional purposes.


For more information about the Materials Rebate Program, please contact:

Sue Harder
Ourstreet Program Coordinator
270 River Ave.
Holland, MI 49423
Phone:(616) 355-3139
Fax: (616) 355-1346