Neighborhood Liaison Program

What is the Neighborhood Liaison Program?

The Neighborhood Liaison Program was established in 1990 by City Council.  The goal is to improve living conditions in city neighborhoods with special emphasis on the central city.  The program is intended to assist people in solving their own problems. 

The Neighborhood Liaison serves as a collaborative link between the Holland Police Department, Community Neighborhood Services, and other city departments and area residents, businesses, schools, youth, civic organizations and neighborhoods.  By working together, residents can improve conditions in their neighborhoods, and enrich the quality of life for themselves and their neighbors. 

The Neighborhood Liason also serves as an overall organizer of neighborhood groups, meetings and other activities. 

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2015 National Night Out 

Neighborhood Leadership Academy

Block Parties


The Neighborhood Liaison Program has been established to target neighborhoods with the purpose of:

  • Empowering residents to get involved in their community in order to make a difference.
  • Reclaiming neighborhood relations, and increase and improve community services.
  • Promoting safe, healthy, peaceful and attractive neighborhoods.
  • Establishing Neighborhood Watch programs in order to reduce crime in neighborhoods.