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Ourstreet Target Area (7/5/13)

City of Holland Michigan Official Website

From 1995 to 2012, the City of Holland supported the Ourstreet Program, an effort of focused staff and resource commitment to the Ourstreet Target Area, shown on the accompanying map and described as 13th Street to 19th Street, from Lincoln Avenue to Harrison Avenue. 

Today the Ourstreet Target Area is only a targeted area for two programs:  The MSHDA-supported Home Purchase Program and the Design Assistance Program.  For more information on these two programs, contact 355-1330 or follow these links:

Current Programs Available:

(Click on each to view program details)

**In 2012, the Ourstreet Program was absorbed in the Department's Housing & Neighborhood Division.  The proper reference for our targeted focus is now "Central Neighborhoods".**

Any questions or if you are interested in these programs, please contact Ourstreet at 616-355-3133.

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