Wellness Program

The mission of the City of Holland Employee Wellness Program is to provide a comprehensive program for employee health and wellness that will serve to improve the overall health for City of Holland employees to its optimum level.




This will be accomplished through an ongoing program involving health and fitness assessments, employee needs surveys, and customized educational programs and fitness activities under the direction of the Human Resources staff.




The program currently offers 8-week fitness programs over the course of the wellness year (November – October) as well as educational classes on a variety of health and wellness topics. Additionally, a health assessment is held semi-annually for employees. Family participation in fitness programs is encouraged but not required.




The wellness program is planned and implemented by a committee comprised of Human Resources staff and employees from various departments and/or facilities, as follows:




  • City Hall (3 representatives)
  • HBPW Service Center (4 representatives)
  • James DeYoung Power Plant (1 representative)
  • Holland Area Wastewater Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plant (1 representative)
  • Transportation Services Building (1 representative)
  • MAX Transit Authority (1 representative)
  • Holland Police Department (1 representative)
  • Holland Fire Department (1 representative)




Members are nominated by committee members and/or the Human Resources Department, supported by their supervisor and approved by the committee as a whole.