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Civic Center


The Holland Civic Center is located at 150 West 8th Street.


On September 16, 1952 the Civic Center’s floor plan was developed. Voters approved construction of the Civic Center at a cost of $616,000 on November 4, 1952. Elzinga & Volkers began costructing the Civic Center on April 20, 1953. The Civic Center was dedicated on November 16, 1954.

There have been three attempts to either replace or renovate the Civic Center. In 1991, an Area Center Committee was formed to consider replacing the Civic Center with a new building at a different site. In 1999, the Area Center was voted on and rejected by citizens of the City of Holland, Park and Holland Charter Townships. On October 3, 2000 the Holland Expansion Committee was formed. On March 26, 2001 the Holland Expansion Committee was suspended because of the DeVos Fieldhouse funding and construction. In January 2005 the Holland Civic Center Renovation/Expansion Committee was formed.