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2015 ANNUAL TULIP DIG:  Yes, we know, the snow is still on the ground and the tulips haven't yet emerged. But Tulip Time isn't far away! Once the Festival has concluded, the City's Parks staff immediately starts thinking about replacing the tulips with summer annuals.  Holland in Bloom will again sponsor the annual Tulip Dig, where you can come to Centennial Park or Window on the Waterfront and dig up a 5-gallon bucket of bulbs for only $10! You may only do this on the designated dates and times to be announced after Tulip Time, so check our website at  www.hollandinbloom.com for details.


HOLLAND IN BLOOM – promoting civic pride in our beautification efforts and encouraging the integration of beautification, historic preservation, and environmental efforts into the fabric of our community as we move forward.

America in Bloom (AIB) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting nationwide beautification programs and personal and community efforts.  The program provides a framework for improving the overall quality of life through community building and involvement.  America in Bloom offers a national awards program, during which judges evaluate each participant based on specified criteria.  It is the only program of its kind that provides on-site, one-on-one mentoring and coaching by a team of expert judges who provide a detailed, written evaluation.

Holland in Bloom represents the City’s participation in the AIB program, which is entering its fifth year.  The results to date have been impressive:

2011:  the City of Holland entered the “America in Bloom” competition for the first time.  A team of judges visited Holland in August.   Later that year, the City was proclaimed the winner (with 5 out of 5 possible blooms) in the 25,000-50,000 population category, and received the overall award in the “Tidiness” Category.

2012: the City entered the competition for a second consecutive year.  After a visit by the judges in the late July/early August, the City again won its population category with 5 out of 5 blooms, and received the overall award in the “Environmental Efforts” category and a special award for the Best Community Garden Program.  In addition, the City was honored with the new “Circle of Champions” designation, by virtue of having won a combination of three population and/or criteria awards over the years. Only nine cities (out of nearly 200) have earned this distinct honor. 

2013:  the City entered the competition for a third consecutive year and, after a visit by the judges in August, the City won its population category with 5 out of 5 blooms and received the overall award in the “Historic Preservation” category. 

2014:  the City again entered the competition.  The judges visited in late July and, at the national symposium in Philidelphia, the cty won its population category with 5 out of 5 blooms, received the overall award in the "Floral Displays" category, and won the YouTube video award.

2015: the City has entered the competition and will be competing in the "Champions" category.  Holland will host the America in Bloom Symposium and welcome participants from all over the country on Sept 24-26th!

Your support for Holland in Bloom will help unite the community, promote civic pride and involvement, and provide a positive image for the community to aid in its economic development and tourism efforts.  It is an affirmation of not only the pride in the community, but the strong desire to always seek ways to improve beautification efforts.

Check out these links for more information about Holland in Bloom and ways that you can support community beautification efforts on your own property and throughout the City!