Kollen Park Boat Launch

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Kollen Park Boat Launch

Location:  250 Kollen Park Drive, Holland MI

Hours of Operation:  April 1st through
                                  October 31st
                                  3:00 AM to
                                  12:00 Midnight

Boat Launch Permit Fees: 
Daily - $7, Seasonal - $35

Ramp Description:  This ramp is a hard-surfaced ram with sufficient water depth and lake or impoundment size to accommodate all trailerable watercraft (minimum of 2.5 - 3 feet deep at a distance of 20 feet from shore).

Boat Launch Rules

Parking Rules:

  • There is no parking on the ramp approach area
  • Pull forward to a parking space before tying down
  • Any vehicle left overnight must have a season pass and receive written permission from the City of Holland's Park and Recreation Director, Andy Kenyon
  • Do not park vehicles or trailers on the grass
  • Overnight guests must park their vehicles and trailers in the upper lot at Kollen Park

Launching Rules:

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Have your watercraft ready to launch before you enter the launch area.
  • Do not power on/off the launch ramps.
  • Do not tie down your craft to the skid piers.
  • If possible, use two people to launch and retrieve your watercraft.
  • Ensure your engine will start while the craft is still on the trailer.
  • After launching, move your watercraft and vehicle away from the launch area as soon as possible.
  • The ramp area is for launching and retrieving watercraft ONLY. No fishing from the docks and no docking, except for immediately after launching and immediately prior to retrieving your watercraft.
  • When retrieving or launching your watercraft, the order is formed by vehicles lined up with trailers, not by boats in the water.
  • Observe and understand the established launching and retrieval traffic flow patterns before using the launch.
  • Animals are prohibited, except for loading into owner’s vehicles or watercrafts.
  • Fishing is prohibited around the launch area.

Lots will be monitored by Park Patrol and deputized Parks staff, who are authorized to ticket offenders!

America's Waterway Watch Program
"Be the eyes and ears of our country"...If you notice suspect or unusual behaviors, please call:  1-877-24WATCH

The Kollen Park Boat Launch informational brochure is available in pdf format below: