Distracted Driving Course

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Distracted Driving Course

On 7-23-2011, the Holland Department of Public Safety will be hosting another Distracted Driving Course. This one day event will be held at Johnson Controls, 921 E 32nd, Holland from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Teenagers and young adults aged 15-20 are disproportionately involved in motor vehicle crashes. Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for teens aged 16-20 in the United States with nearly 4,000 crash related deaths a year (National Safety Council). 85 percent of crashes by 16 year old drivers are attributed to driver error, not speed, drugs or alcohol.

The Holland Department of Public Safety provides teen drivers who posses a valid driver’s license or driving permit, a program which will enhance their driving behavior in an effort to reduce the risk of being involved in a motor vehicle crash.

The goal for this program is to prepare the students how to react mentally and physically to differing driving situations. Using a “hands on” approach instructors will teach the teen drivers how to react under various driving situations. Three (3) different defensive driving exercises will be demonstrated and then completed by each student. This will allow each student to better understand the importance of being a defensive driver.

With the help of community partnerships, portions of this event will be open to the public. Drivers of all ages will be able to drive a distracted driving course and a separate course using “drunken” goggles free of charge.

Drunken/Distracted Driving Demonstration:

This exercise will be taught by certified driving instructors from the Macatawa Driving School (MDS). Each student will put on a pair of “drunken goggles” and drive a MDS owned vehicle, each equipped with a passenger side brake. Participants will also drive through an exercise while being distracted to stress the impact of driving while being distracted.

Racing Through Education

Officer Doug VanderKooy from the Racing Through Education program will have his race car there and will be teaching the importance of limiting the amount of distractions in the vehicle and the possible results of having such distractions.

HDPS Contact persons:

Officer Joel Maat

Captain Robert Buursma