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One of many suggestions to arise out of a Community Policing Study Group in December, 2000, was that a canine (K-9) Unit be established at HDPS. Chief John A. Kruithoff proposed to the Holland City Council that two K-9 teams be created with a start-up cost of $87,000 and annual maintenance and veterinary costs to be $14,000.

The HDPS K-9 Team currently consists of two, dual-purpose handler/dog teams: Ofc. Joel Reimink and his K9 "Niki", and Ofc. Joe Slenk and "Henry".

"Niki" is a Hungarian Malinois from the Netherlands. "Henry" is a black-coated Hungarian Shepherd.

In July, 2001, Ofcs. Moerland and Doza spent four weeks training with their charges at Northern Michigan K-9 Inc., in Harrison, MI. In August of 2001, the HDPS K-9 Unit hit the streets of Holland!

About $37,000 of the total estimated costs was raised through donations and fund-raising efforts. The crowning gift HPD received was from the Holland Kennel Club on Monday, August 6th, 2001, in the amount of $10,000.

In December, 2008, "Grego" was retired as a police service dog. After seven-plus years of faithful and outstanding service, Ofc. Moerland also ended his K9 handler career. Ofc. Joe Slenk was chosen to replace Officer Moerland as the newest K-9 handler at HPD. In 2012, Sgt. Scott Doza took over Unit Supervisor duties and his K9 "Harrand" retired.  Ofc. Reimink replaced him and is the handler for PSD "Niki".

The K-9 Teams train together one day a week concentrating on tracking, narcotic searches, building searches, article searches and handler protection.