Man sleeping in a dumpster survives being dumped into garbage truck

Press release date: Fri May 2nd, 2014


Police, Fire and EMS personel were dispatched to 178 E 11th Street around 7:15 am this morning on a report of a medical emergency involving a man that had been dumped and trapped inside of a garbage truck.  Public Safety personnel found that a 46 year old man from Muskegon who had been sleeping in a dumpster was dumped into a a garbage truck.  Fire personnel were able to use ladders to lift the man out of the truck and paramedics from AMR treated the victim for non life threatening injuries and transported him to Holland Hospital where he is listed in stable condition.

Police determined that the man had climbed in the dumspster at the Parkview Apartments at 9th/Columbia around 9pm last night to stay out of the weather and was awoken being dumped into the garbage truck.  The driver of the garbage truck did compact the load after the pickup but the man was able to manuever over the compactor to avoid being crushed.

After picking up a second dumspter load at 178 E 11th Street, the driver heard yelling and pounding and was able to stop the compactor before the man was crushed.