Police investigating two car pedestrian crashes within hours

Press release date: Fri Oct 25th, 2013

October 25, 2013

Holland officers are investigating two traffic crashes involving pedestrians within 2.5 hours of each other and in both incidents the driver of the car was cited for failing to yield right of way to a pedestrian.

16th Street/VanRaalte Ave - The first crash occurred at 0715 am when a 14 year old Holland girl was walking WB on 16th on the north side of 16th attempting to cross VanRaalte Ave.  She was crossing within the crosswalk when a 58 yr old Holland women was making a left hand turn from EB 16th onto NB VanRaalte  The driver said she did not see the victim because she was wearing dark clothing however the pedestrian clearly had the right of way.  The driver of the vehicle was cited for Failing to Yield (FTY) RIght of Way (ROW) to a pedestrian. 

The victim was a Holland High student and there was no crossing guard at this location when the crash occurred.  The crossing guard at this intersection was scheduled to begin at 0730 a.m..  Police and school officials are investigating and will determine if adjustments need to be made in the future.   The victim was transported to Holland Community Hospital HCH) by American Medical Reponse (AMR) for treatment of minor injuries, treated and released. 

8th Street/Waverly Road - The second crash occurred at 0925 am when a 53 year old Douglas women was walking WB on 8th street on the north side of the road attempting to cross Waverly Ave.  She was attempting to cross within the crosswalk when a 55 year old Saugatuck women turning from EB 8th St onto NB Waverly Road when she struck the victim.  The victim was transported to HCH by AMR for multiple injuries and she is being treated.  Her condition is not know at this time.  The at fault driver was cited for FTY ROW in this crash as well.

Police personnel were assisted at both incidents by medically trained Fire Services personnel as well as AMR.  Police want to take this opportunity to caution drivers to be aware of pedestrians crossing intersections especially when turning.  Drivers are reminded to check blind spots and take extra caution around school zones.