Records Bureau

How to obtain Reports and Records at HDPS.

(616) 355-1100

The Holland Departent of Public Safety maintains local records and reports of persons who may have had contact with HDPS. These records or individual reports may be requested by you.

A "Local History Record Check" may only be requested by, and turned over to, the person named in the request. The person named must pick up the record in person, with photo I.D., at HDPS.

Police Reports, or complaints, may be requested by most anyone and released if approved by proper HDPS authority. Some cases may still be active or under investigation and may not be released. These reports can be mailed after payment is received.

                 * Click the attachment link below to download a Report Request Form.

Police Reports Fee Breakdown:

•  Administrative Fee: $6.50 first 15 minutes, then $8.66 per quarter hour additional. 

•  Per page or image rate: .25¢ per image/page

Photographs or other Documents

•  Administrative Fee: $19.50.
•  $5.00 per CD/DVD or $1.00 per photograph.

Request Forms are available at HDPS or download the attachment below.  Fill one out and mail it, or bring it in person, to:

The Holland Department of Public Safety
Record Bureau
89 West 8th St.
Holland, MI 49423

Reminder: F.O.I.A. (Freedom of Information Act) requests may take up to five business days to process.