Reserve Officer of The Year 2011

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Reserve Officer of the Year 2011

The Holland Department of Public Safety (HDPS) announces Mike Gort as its 2011 Reserve Officer of the Year. Chief Matt Messer presented Gort with a certificate and commendation ribbon during the annual HDPS Reserve Officer banquet held on October 4. Reserve Officer Gort will represent the Holland Police Reserve Unit at various functions throughout the year.

Reserve Officer Gort was nominated for this prestigious award by his fellow Reserve Officers. In nominating him, his peers cite him as a Reserve Officer who has adapted quickly to the reserve position and does a fantastic job. He is described as an individual with a great disposition in life, a willingness to do whatever it takes and has used these qualities to become a reserveOfficer worthy of this recognition.

Reserve Officer Gort has been with the HDPS Reserve Unit since 2009. He is married to his wife of 23 years and has two children. For the past 10 years he has been employed by West Michigan Uniform where he is an account representative.

Reserve Officer Gort was selected from 48 Reserve Officers currently serving in the HDPS Reserve Unit.