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Silent Observer HOTLINE!

City of Holland Michigan Official Website

Do you know..............

... someone who is wanted by the Police?
... someone who is using/selling/manufacturing narcotics or controlled substances?
... the whereabouts of some stolen property?
... of suspected spouse or child abuse in a friend's, family's, or neighbor's home?
... of someone planning to commit a crime?.... or who has already committed one?

....and do YOU want to do something about it!!??

Then take action NOW!

Phone 1-877-88-SILENT      

... or visit the Ottawa County SILENT OBSERVER website!

... or submit a tip online!

... or e-mail us at:

Prepare and have as much of the needed information listed below:

  • Names (race, gender, age)
  • Addresses
  • Vehicle descriptions and plate numbers
  • Associates
  • Locations
  • Times / dates
  • Property or \ drug type/amounts