Special Enforcement Team (S.E.T.)

City of Holland Michigan Official Website

(616) 355-1702

The Special Enforcement Team (SET) is the Departments version of the popular acronym S.W.A.T. Sgt. Keith Mulder is the SET coordinator and is responsible for training and maintaining Unit readiness. First developed in the 1970's, the team is a well-trained and highly motivated unit. The HDPS S.E.T. serves the Holland Community as a professional, safe, and effective law enforcement unit.

Veteran Officers are selected to this specialized Unit after a rigorous selection and testing process. Candidates must be able to perform to standard regarding push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, a 1.5 mile run and bench press. Members must be able to work as a team and exercise sound decision-making abilities.

Monthly training consists of weapons qualifications, team reaction situations, etc. Snipers train five hours monthly to maintain and sharpen their marksmanship skills. The Team also trains via tactical schools, multi-jurisdictional operations, and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) interaction.

The Team is used primarily for high-risk incidents such as:

•  Search warrants
•  Barricaded individual
•  Hostage situations
•  Drug arrests
•  Sniper/tactical support
•  Officer rescue
•  Suspect vehicle take-downs

Specialized equipment includes:

•  Sig Saur .45 Cal. Model P-220
•  Colt M4A2 .223 rifle
•  Remington Mod. 700 Sniper Rifle
•  Gas masks
•  Ballistic shield