Recycling Rules

The following rules for recycling apply to each material:  

Corrugated Cardboard
Break down boxes to 3' x 3' (maximum size) and remove all packing material. Place in Yellow recycling bag in or on top of your garbage container.

Recyclable Items Include: All corrugated cardboard (boxes and inserts).

Mixed Paper and Junk Mail
Bundle or bag material so it will not blow away. Place bundles or paper in Yellow Recycling bags in or on top of garbage container.

Recyclable Items Include: Magazines, catalogs, any paper received through the mail, most residential mixed paper including boxboard (cereal boxes, shoe boxes), computer and school paper, and colored paper.

Do Not Include: Food product paper or cardboard that is contaminated with food residue. Books.

Keep dry. Bundle or bag to keep from blowing away. Place in Yellow Recycling Bag in or on top of garbage container.

Recyclable Items Include: All newspaper, including inserts.

Do Not Include: Books.

Plastics and Polystyrene (better known as Styrofoam)
Completely rinse items to remove any food residue.  We are not accepting any forms of Styrofoam at this time.

Recyclable Items Include:  All household plastic containers labeled P1 thru P6 - no matter what shape, are acceptable in the yellow bag.   For example, hot beverage cups, clamshell food containers, egg cartons, meat trays, shiny rigid deli containers, soda bottles, milk jugs, cleaning and laundry product containers, cooking oil bottles, water and juice bottles, personal care product containers, etc.).

New - We are now accepting all plastic grocery bags for recycling.  Just place all your plastic bags in one bag and place that into the yellow recycling bag.  (as of March 24,2011)

Do Not Include:  Plastic containers used for automotive products (including motor oil), paint, solvents, lawn care products or other hazardous chemicals. Also, do not include building insulation, packing "peanuts", packaging materials for appliances, radios, TVs, etc. (These materials are Expanded Polystyrene).

Completely rinse items to remove any residue. Remove lids and discard. Place in Yellow Recycling bag in or on top of garbage container.

Recyclable Items Include: Juice and food jars, pop and soda bottles, water bottles, beer and wine bottles of any color.

Do Not Include: Broken glass, light bulbs, window glass, drinking glasses, mirrors, ceramics and Pyrex containers.

Completely rinse items to remove any food residue. Remove plastic lids from aerosol cans. Place in Yellow Recycling Bag in or on top garbage container.

Recyclable Items Include: Tin food cans, aluminum beverage cans, aluminum foil and aerosol cans.

Do Not Include: Cans used for chemicals or paints, appliances, power tools, or batteries, large metal housing materials and car parts.

Automotive batteries, Lithium and Cadmium batteries, and other rechargeables are considered to be Household Hazardous Waste.
**There is a FREE drop off for HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE, including batteries at Ottawa County Resource Recovery Service Center.
14053 Quincy St., Holland, MI 49424.  Call 616.494.5569 or 616.355.1335 for more information.

Household alkaline batteries can be disposed of in your regular trash.

For other Recycling options:  call: 616.355.1335.

Take the yellow recycling bag to the curb on your scheduled pick-up day. To order Yellow Recycling Bags, call 616.795.4723, order online by clicking HERE, hang the yellow request form on the handle of refuse bin or yellow bags are available at City Hall.