BPW Sewer Main Inspection, Cleaning & Lining

Event Title: BPW Sewer Main Inspection, Cleaning & Lining
Date/Time: Thu, Nov 13th 8:00am - 11:00pm
Location: City of Holland Streets

City of Holland Michigan Official Website

During the time frame of June 1, 2014 through Sept. 30, 2014, the Holland Board of Public Works and their contractor, Insituform Technologies, USA LLC, and sub-contractor, Plummer's Environmental, will be cleaning and prepping sanitary sewer lines for possible lining work.

Sewer lining scheduled for 11/13/14 -
Thursday the last liner will be installed on E 13th Street; west of Fairbanks Avenue; 6 customers will be affected.
This is the last transition liner the BPW had been waiting for.  This years project will be complete after this installation.

*Schedules may change based on rain or extreme weather.

It should be noted that the Contractor (B.P.W.; Insituform Technologies, USA LLC and/or Plummer's Environmental) is responsible for all traffic control related to this work, including setup and maintainence of all barricades, signs and warning devices as deemed necessary to assure public safety.  Contractor must follow guidelines for road closures or lane closures as set forth in the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Devices.

Depending on road widths and working conditions, roads may be posted for No Parking as needed by the Contractor(s).

Contact person related to this work -
David Cyrus
Water/Wastewater Services Engineering Specialist
Holland Board of Public Works
625 Hastings Avenue, Holland, MI 49423
616-355-1646 Office     616-218-3439 Cell

Insituform Technologies, USA LLC -
Duane Ginderske, Field Engineer
1088 Victory Drive
Howell Mi. 48843
Office 517-546-4107  Ext. 420228
Fax 517-546-4282
Cell ( 989 ) 277-5860