Fall Leaf Pick-up to Conclude

Press release date: Wed Nov 28th, 2012

City crews began their final sweep through the City to pick up leaves placed by residents on streets and shoulders on Monday, November 12th.  They are continuing to move through the community to complete leaf pickup in a timely manner, and are expected to have the process substantially completed by Friday, November 30.

This means that no additional placement of leaves in the curbstrip or on road shoulders can occur in any part of the City.  Any leaves put out beyond this point, or any leaves put out on streets that have already received their final pickup, are the responsibility of the property owner and will have to be removed by the property owner.  City crews operating dump trucks and loaders will not return to any streets for additional work.   

Another available option for disposal of yard waste is receipt of a Project Pride coupon from the Department of Community and Neighborhood Services.  City residents may receive two (2) Project Pride coupons during the calendar year, and coupons must be used within two (2) weeks of issuance. Each coupon allows the resident to take one load of lawn refuse, or other materials that are not able to be picked up curbside, to Chef Container on a day of your choice.  If you are still eligible for a coupon this year, you may call 616-355-1335 to request a coupon or get more information, or stop by the Community & Neighborhood Services Office on the 3rd Floor of City Hall.