Parade Seating for Tulip Time

Press release date: Wed Apr 30th, 2014
City of Holland Michigan Official Website

Residents are reminded that any items used to reserve seating for the Tulip Time parades may be placed in the area between the street and sidewalk only at designated times.

Street Scrubbing Parade (Wednesday) and Children’s Parade (Thursday)* - No earlier than 6 AM on the day of the parade only.

* If the parade is cancelled due to rain, items placed in the right-of-way must be picked up by 6 PM.  The items may be replaced after 6 AM on the day the rescheduled parade is held.

Parade of Bands (Saturday) - No earlier than 9 PM on Friday night before the parade.

All items must be picked up and removed no later than 1 hour following conclusion of each parade.  Any items found in the right-of-way outside of the allowed times will be removed by the City of Holland.

Items picked up may be claimed at the Transportation Services Department, 333 Wyngarden Way (west side of Industrial Avenue, between 40th and 48th Streets, Phone:  928-2400), through May 14, 2014.  After that, the items will be discarded.