Sidewalk Plowing

Press release date: Fri Feb 4th, 2011

The City of Holland, along with much of the State of Michigan and our surrounding neighbors,
experienced a significant snowstorm on February 1‐2, 2011. The process of clearing and
cleaning up is underway and we, along with our counterparts at the County Road Commissions
and the State Department of Transportation, are grateful for the support and cooperation of
residents and business owners in this endeavor.

In particular, due to the depth and extent of the snow, the City’s sidewalk plows are
experiencing significant obstacles in clearing the snow from City sidewalks. It is estimated that
it could take the City’s plows a week or more to clear all of the sidewalks in the City. This will
be an impediment to pedestrian travel, and will especially impact our children as they return to

Although the City has long had an ordinance that requires the property owner to clear snow
and ice from the sidewalk adjacent to the property, the existence of the City’s Sidewalk Plowing
program has provided significant assistance to property owners in this endeavor. However, at
this time, due to the severe nature of the snow accumulation on sidewalks, the City is
requesting property owners and residents to clear their own sidewalks wherever possible and
assist in the effort to open them up as quickly as possible. The City also ask that residents assist
with additional snow and ice removal after the City sidewalk plows have cleared the snow from
the sidewalks. This will help with pedestrian safety. The City appreciates the patience and
cooperation of our citizens during this process.