Snow Fighting Status Report

Press release date: Mon Jan 27th, 2014

The City thanks the tireless efforts of community members that have been shoveling their walkways and cleaning out hydrants.

Given the depth of snow and windy conditions, sidewalk plow operators have switched to using snow blower attachments and the process is not going as quickly as the crew would like (5 MPH vs. the usual 15 MPH).   We are no longer able to use the faster “V plows” given the current depth.  Please help out by clearing paths on the sidewalks adjacent to your home as this is especially beneficial to school children, the mail service and the elderly. Even just one swath with your shovel makes the snow blower able to get by your property and on to the next one faster.

Even brushing off the top of a hydrant makes it visible again and saves precious minutes in an emergency.   Taking time to shovel around fire hydrants is even better so that snow does not become compressed against them. The time lost during an emergency could lose a home when in flames.

The following additional changes are also now in place as long as extraordinary snow conditions persist:

  1. Our crews are working 12 and 14 hours days, starting earlier in the morning to avoid traffic;
  2. Extra equipment is being rented to assist with front-end loading needed;
  3. Extra snow blowing equipment is being purchased (five blowers instead of three);
  4. Extra salt is being ordered (500 tons).

Thank you for your assistance during this difficult period.  We thank you for your good citizenship and strength in helping out with the sidewalks and hydrants.

You may wish to also keep an eye on your neighbor and lend a hand whenever possible.

City's Street System & Hydrants:  Streets:  150 Miles; Sidewalk: 161 Miles: Hydrant Units:  1,750

For More Information Contact:

Ryan Cotton, City Manager, City of Holland, 616.355.1310 or

Brian White, Transportation Services Interim Director; 616.928.2448 or

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