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Spring Clean-up for Lawn Refus1e

City of Holland Michigan Official Website

Holland's Annual Spring Cleanup has been scheduled beginning the weekend of March 21 through the weekend of April 4, 2015. 

Residents may rake yard clippings, shrub trimmings, and wind-blown twigs into the curb or road shoulders for pickup by Street Department Crews.

Heavy limbs, stumps, garbage and refuse in bags will not be removed and must be disposed of by other means.

Residents must have their yard refuse placed curbside by no later than April 5, 2015 as City crews will begin pickups on April 6 and will only make one pickup at each residence.  Hauling priority will be given to streets with curb and gutter to minimize the possibility of debris washing into storm sewers.  If you live on a street with curb and gutter please be kind to your neighbors downstream by not placing debris piles near storm grates.  Refuse placed in the right-of-way after April 5th may be subject to a Civil Infraction Ticket.

If you have questions about the Spring Cleanup Program, please call or email Transportation Services at 616.928.2400 or email

As with snow removal, spring refuse piles may only be left on your own property, not the property of another.  Please see attachment for details of Ordinance Section 19-7.

Please remember that spring cleanup and fall leaf pickup are the only occasions in which yard debris may be placed in the street for pickup by the Street Department. At all other times, clippings, trimmings, and yard debris must be disposed of by other means.

Call Community & Neighborhood Services at 616.355.1335 to ask about options to dispose of yard waste/debris outside of our Fall Leaf Pick Up and Spring Clean Up programs. If you need weekly collection of yard wastes, you may contract with a private company for that service.

La limpieza de yardas de la ciudad de Holland está programada para el 21 marzo al 5 abril del 2015.

Los residentes de la ciudad pueden colocar los recortes de arbustos, césped y ramas en la acera para que sean recogidos por trabajadores de la ciudad. ¿Preguntas? Llame al 355-1310.