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HOLLAND, Michigan – The Holland community has the opportunity to help the Holland Youth Connections (HYC) program grow thanks to a generous challenge by an anonymous donor.  The donor will contribute $15,000 to support the program if the community matches it via multiple smaller gifts of any amount.

The City of Holland is working on the final preparations for the Holland Youth Connections program for at-risk youth this summer.  “A total of 178 youth were given this life altering work experience last year; a total of 200 are targeted for this summer,” said Executive Director of Escape Ministries Willie Watt.  “The City currently has enough funds for only 80.”

City of Holland Michigan Official Website

Holland Youth Connections (HYC) was developed by the City of Holland and Escape Ministries to get our community’s high-risk youth involved with positive summer activities and introduce them t

HOLLAND – The City of Holland partnered with Escape Ministries, Ottawa County Michigan Works, Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce, Manpower, Lakeshore Advantage, and the City of Holland’s Department of Public Safety to continue the Holland Youth Connections Work program for at-risk youth.  The City of Holland is particularly excited about the recent expansion of the Program to 77 public school students from Holland, Wavecrest, West Ottawa, Hamilton and other areas.  These employment opportunities provide youth at-risk with job experience, career skills, and a chance to serve their communities.  Since the implementation of this program, the Summer Youth Program grew from 12 students and revenues of $20,020 in the summer of 2013 to 77 youth and employer and donor revenues of $132,970 in the summer of 2014.  We are grateful specifically to the 20 employers and 40 donors that made this expansion possible.