Charity for Clarity event planned by The Holland Youth Advisory Council in partnership with Project Clarity, to be held on March 29, 2014.

Press release date: Tue Mar 18th, 2014
City of Holland Michigan Official Website

March 18, 2014


Contact: Kimberly Meyer
Tel.: (616) 355-1323

On Saturday, March 29, the City of Holland’s Holland Youth Advisory Council (HYAC), along with the Outdoor Discovery Center’s Project Clarity will hold an auction event called Charity for Clarity. Through this event HYAC hopes to raise awareness about our local Macatawa Watershed and how we can work together to clean up Lake Macatawa. The students are busy securing live jazz music, auction items and desserts and coffee. The event promises to be a great way for the community to come together for this important cause.  The event will be held at the Midtown Center in the Auditorium.

As you listen to music you will enjoy a dessert with many other community leaders and educators in addition to learning more about Project Clarity and its effort to restore Lake Macatawa and the Macatawa Watershed. “We are excited to be part of an initiative that benefits the entire community,” said Clara Bakker, member of the Holland Youth Advisory Council as well as Youth Member of Project Clarity’s Board. “These efforts will create positive changes to our water quality that we will experience in as little as 5 to 10 years. We believe this is everyone’s challenge and know that if we all work together we can accomplish the mission….to permanently clean, restore and maintain the waters of Lake Macatawa and the Macatawa Watershed.”

The evening will be informative and fun. Guests will have a chance to bid on some great auction items, all while listening to great ensemble music. All proceeds for the evening will be going to the Project Clarity initiative. “Our hope is that people who attend will take this initiative back to their neighbors, friends and family and share the responsibility we all have to improve water quality in our watershed, raise awareness on this issue, and most important, share what each of us can do to be part of the solution,” said Kimberly Meyer, Youth Services Specialist for the City of Holland.

Doors open for Charity for Clarity at 6:30pm to begin viewing auction items. Music begins at 6:50pm and will feature the jazz band from Holland High School and string quartets and jazz ensembles from West Ottawa. Tickets for Charity for Clarity run $6 per person, or $10 for two, as well as the option to reserve a table for 8 for $40.  The event will include auction items, coffee and desserts from locally owned business. Tickets can be purchased at the door the night of the event.

For more information about this event or to reserve your table for 8 please contact Kimberly Meyer, Youth Services Specialist at (616) 355-1323, or