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The staff and volunteers of the Holland Teen Court Program welcome your input and feedback. Our experience is evidence that people from all walks of life bring skills and talents to any project. We would be happy to share different avenues for you to be involved with Holland Teen Court, or a Teen Court in your area.

Web readers are encouraged to contact our program with suggestions, or to become involved with Holland Teen Court . Whether you are located near Holland , Michigan or across the nation, we appreciate and look forward to your thoughts!

Holland Teen Court is actively seeking volunteers to serve as judges and help with coordinating activities. Volunteers are a vital part of the Teen Court program. There are many different aspects of the program to become involved with.

For more information please contact Holland Teen Court:

Holland City Hall
Holland Teen Court
270 South River Avenue
Holland, Michigan 49423
Telephone: (616) 355-1325
Fax: (616) 355-1490