Core Council

The Core Youth Council is made up of nine students from Holland High, Holland Christian, West Ottawa, and Black River high schools. Each member serves a one-year term which begins in July and ends the following June.

Available officer positions in the Council include Chair, Vice-Chair, and Clerk. While the Core is busy working to achieve goals they also have subcommittees who help them accomplish tasks.

HYAC’s Core Council’s meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 6:15pm in City Hall. The general public is encouraged and welcome to attend.

Following is information on Core’s 2015-2016 Council Members.

Alfredo (Freddie) DeLaRosa (Clerk)
Sophomore at Holland High
3rd year on  HYAC
Other Activities: Football, Track, Wrestling, Orchestra, Calling All Colors, Youth Groups, PALS

Fun Fact: I can do multiple back flips in a row.

Clara Dreyer (Chair)
Junior at Holland Christian
3rd year on  HYAC
Other Activities: Debate team, Student Council, International Club, Model UN

Fun Fact: I have a crazy obsession with the golden age of Hollywood (from around the 1920's-1960's).

Joseph Heneghan (Vice-Chair)
Junior at Black River
4th year on HYAC
Other Activities:
Fun Fact:

Estrella Ramirez-Matias (Member)
Sophomore at Holland High
2nd year on HYAC
Other Activities: Karate, Orchestra
Fun Fact: made a Facebook for me and my dog, won District Art Awards in 7th Grade

Sydney Rivera Prince (Member)

Senior at Holland High

2nd year on HYAC

Serves on Teen Court and the Parks & Recreation Committee

Fun Fact:

Nabil Gutierrez (Member)

Junior at West Ottawa

2nd year on HYAC

Serves on the Special Events Committee

Fun Fact:

Jazmin Martinez (Member)

Sophomore at Holland High

1st year on HYAC

Serves on the Police/Community Relations Commission

Fun Fact:

Km Elsess (Member)

Junior at Holland Christian

2nd year on HYAC

Serves on the Parks and Recreation Committee

Fun Fact:

Alex Ky (Member)

Sophomore at West Ottawa

2nd year on HYAC

Serves on the Social Services Committee

Fun Fact:






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