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HYAC 2013-2014 Goals

City of Holland Michigan Official Website

The Holland Youth Advisory Council
2013-2014 Goals

• Participate in Lakeshore Youth Leaders activities.
• Provide nominations each year for the Human Relations Commission’s Youth Social Justice Award.
• Make an annual report to City Council in the spring.
• Continue to raise awareness of HYAC through a variety of ways (i.e. social media/school papers)
• Continue Peer Refusal Training among middle-school-aged students.
• Organize social events for current and past HYAC members.
• Familiarize ourselves with local agencies, businesses, and colleges.
• Promote the collaboration of local school districts.
• Continue to advocate for the Youth Runaway/Homeless Campus.
• Support the Pay-It-Forward Program.
• Organize a special City-wide event each year.
• Promote efforts to "Go Green" in Holland.
• Advocate for local youth volunteering opportunities.
• Raise awareness and advocate for historical and cultural sites in the Holland area.

Short Term
• Show-case youth talent in Holland.
• Encourage outdoor activities for teens in Holland.
• Provide educational opportunities for developing young entrepreneurs & creative leadership.

• Promote diversity in Holland through cross-cultural affairs.
• Establish communication with youth in our Sister-City Queretaro (i.e. create a web-chat).

Long Term
• Aid and Assist any local organizations working with at-risk teens (i.e. teen pregnancy, dropout rates, dating violence, et. al.)