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Track the Tulip Bulbs

The tulip bulbs started their journey in the Netherlands and will arrive in New York City on September 19, 2023. From there, they will be transported to Holland, Michigan, and should arrive in Holland on September 22, 2023. Once in Holland, MI, the bulbs will be placed in cold storage until they are planted throughout the City in mid-fall. In the spring, they show their beautiful blooms! 

Click on the map below to track the progress of the container ship carrying Holland's tulip bulbs. 

Tulip Bulb Container Ship Route on Map Opens in new window

Centennial Park Live Camera

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Each spring the City of Holland, Michigan is blanketed with hundreds of thousands of blooming tulips. The display is the culmination of a year’s worth of planning, preparation, and patience based on the life cycle of this beautiful flower. Watch the video below to see how the bulbs make the long journey from Holland to Holland. 


Have you experienced tulips in 360? On each page, there are several 360 videos like the one below. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you have the best viewing experience.
- When playing the video, click and drag the image to change your view.
- Click the small gear near the bottom right of the video to change your quality to the highest number to get the best image quality.
- If you are on a mobile device, visit youtube.com/cityofholland in the YouTube app for the best experience.

Curious how we plant the tulip bulbs?  Many are planted by hand by our park staff and community volunteers. At Windmill Island approximately 55,000 tulip bulbs are planted in the field near the DeZwaan Windmill in just a few hours; check out how it's done in the video below!